Licensed and Associate psychotherapists will facilitate some of the classes we offer, which will help to increase the knowledge of coping skills and healthy behaviors provided to participants.

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We Offer the Following Classes

Identifying Insecurities

Self – Empowerment

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Communication

Identifying Strengths

Goal Setting

Creating Vision boards

Effective Coping Skills

Healthy  vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Not Falling Prey to Social Media

Refresher Course

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Counseling Services Available

We provide one-on-one mentoring, parenting classes, therapeutic art and dance classes, group, individual, and family counseling.

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Since 1993

The Creation of Girls Gossip and Women Network

Saniyyah Mayo created “Girls Gossip and Women Network LLC” to empower young girls and women. The words "girls" and "women" are not in reference to age, but instead mindset.

Girls gossip due to their own insecurities. Women network by connecting with and empowering other women. Dr. Saniyyah Mayo recognizes that gossiping is a defense mechanism used to mask the hurt and insecurities within individuals that lie beneath the surface.

Dr. Mayo has combined lectures and discussions, mixed with fun activities and psychological therapeutic skills, to ensure that the participants will be able to break unhealthy cycles and replace them with positive skills. Girls Gossip and Women Network LLC is bringing the counseling session into the classroom to help promote healthy and fulfilled living.

Girls Gossip and Women Network Photoshoot

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