Dr. Mayo has empowered many with her drive to provoke thought to ultimately change the behaviors of people through her speaking engagements, books, videos, and blogs.


"Dr. Mayo is a powerhouse --business woman, motivational speaker, therapist, and leader. She explains information in an easy to understand format and couples that with personal testimony, which reminds her audience that she is a human being who understands from both the professional and personal level. Her passion for empowerment is refreshing, her classes are effective, and her positive impact is guaranteed."

-Keona Henderson, Founder of Positive Women Meet Up

Pal Charter High School


"Powerful presentation by Saniyyah Mayo for the PAL women and young ladies!"  


Colton Unified School District

"I want to thank you for a very empowering speech that you gave our girls! I just wanted you to know that I already have a counselor that wants to hire you for the summit. I will be passing your information along to her so that we can get the process and date set."

-Nina Torres, Empowerment Counselor

Women's Los Angeles County Jail

"We loved her presentation on Girls Gossip and Women Network and want Dr. Saniyyah Mayo to come back and speak to us again!"


Identifying and Breaking the cycle is a must read! If you are struggling with the question, "Why does this keep happening to me?" Saniyyah Mayo speaks to the heart of those who have grown weary of doing the same thing expecting different results. This book gives hope to those who have been living in the misery and pain of the cycle. Saniyyah gives powerful insight and answers that will help you identify and break the cycles for good.”

-Naomi Joyce, Probation Officer

 Saniyyah Mayo has impacted my life in many ways. From self-confidence to life lessons that are not required but are well appreciated. She's very supportive in the people's lives she's around the most and I think that’s an amazing characteristics. I have reason to believe Saniyyah Mayo could be considered a mentor. She's somebody you can look up to and look to when you're in need of help in any way. She is very wise and very loving. If I need help with anything she's there to help. And if she doesn't know she will try the best she can to figure it out. I’m glad I met her. I feel like I can talk to her about almost anything. And I’m glad she's a positive influence in my life.”     

-Ahmad Scott

Positive Women Meet up - Anonymous Surveys

Dr. Saniyyah Mayo
-Always keeps it real.
-‎Dr. Saniyyah Mayo gave me exactly what I needed with her stories and seeing what I was never taught. I learned. To keep striving for change. I am somebody and my words and actions mean what I meant.
-‎ Powerful, excellent, inspirational
-‎Great speaker who was able to articulate her story in a way that the audience could relate to personally, which brought it to life
-"Break the cycle" I lived it too! This statement needs to be taken to all the young women who need to know it can be done.
-‎100% awesome. Had me in tears.